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What Is Web Hosing

Website Hosting is simply the act of storing the content of a website in a special computer designed and configured (technology) to serve the content remotely when accessed on other internet or intranet enabled computers.

Server Computer and Client Computer

A computer designed or configured for website hosting (webhosting) is known as ‘server’, while the computer where those files are accessed from is called ‘client’.

Host Your Website With Us
At Ujomor Consulting, we offer all you need to get your website safe and securely hosted without fear of being hacked overnight, this is because over the years as website increase in number, hackers have also find ways to magically surprise their victims causing their websites to suddenly disappear. All our hosting plans includes basic website securities to ensure that your website grows along with your business interest without any security threat from hackers, our server uptime is 99% guaranteed with optimal speed delivery.
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Website hosting is becoming more, and more competitive as you can literally find tons of available website hosting companies with just a single query on any search engine, what is crucial here is making the right choice as this will go a long way in determining the overall performance of your website and business as well. While most companies stripe off all grains and present empty comb in the name of cheap and affordable, seldomly free entry plans, clients stand the risk of either being ripped off with essential and unavoidable addons that should originally come as a single bundle. Do not get this wrong!

Addons are separate packages, however, in practice a professional candid advice would suggest all basic addons be included in the start-off plans to avert any feasible lost to security and other management issues.

Do not hop-in too quick for cheap prices and end up with unlimited unbudgeted emergency expenses. The second reason you should endeavour to avoid cheap or free hosting is that when you try to resist the pressure mounted on you and avoid all warning to beef up your website host performance requirements, the chances that your website will be hacked is near 75%. If you want to know why websites are being hacked or if your website falls into that category hackers are hunting, visit our blog section as we will continue feed our clients with essential tips, tricks and other security updates.
Free Website Setup
Website building is getting better every day, with numbers of script builders integrated to most popular web server panels. As a beginner, you are most probably family with some few Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Typo3 etc. or probably none – DO NOT WORRY! We got you covered with our one-click script installer, if that is difficult to get started, open a ticket and we will have it setup immediately your website hosting plan is active.
Which hosting plan is suitable for my website project? Do not allow this to stop you from starting your project, you can always upgrade or downgrade your plan any time. See our blog section for more detail.

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