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What Is Social Media Management

Social media management is the act of monitoring, posting and responding to followers’ posts, filtering and measuring as well as branding the social media presence of an association, corporate entities or individuals in the interest of growth.

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Ujomor Consulting specializes in social media branding and management, we grow your business and professional pages to its limit to ensure you benefit optimally from your social media presence. Hire us now and watch your business grow

Why Do I Need A Social Media
From the advent of MySpace through to the emergence of twitter and the arrival of Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, etc., vast number of groups, individual and professional bodies have been relatively interconnected more on social media than in physical. It is easy to hook up with a total stranger for 2-3 hours of communication on social media without getting bored than to convince a paddy or co-staff for a 20mins round table chat. Another reason is that the distance between you and the rest of the world in connectivity is just the space between you and your smart device screen.
The function and use of each social media depends greatly on the intent of the developer, as the virtual media world becomes more competitive, most if not all major social media developers have mandated teams for continuous innovative research and improvement.
The Challenge
Often, these constant updates always leave users confused thereby reducing user’s experience. As the practice become rampant, the user experience equally shifting by the day and techniques required to catch up with business followers on social media is changing constantly as well. We front for you, try us now
As individual focusing on building brand, services or product – this shift will definitely impose a high demanding task and drastically reduce your focus on primary objective.
As a social media manager, we specialize in branding, constant page update that will keep your business in a steady growth. We help you to place your social media on autopilot state while drilling more on your brand, service or product with all you got.
Can I Do It Myself?
Yes! You can handle your social media all by yourself, but most likely you may also jump into some of those few unavoidable social media mistakes that may ruin your business. If you desire handling your social media by yourself, we can help automate your social media by linking them to your website so on a single post from website can reach all major social media pages without running from page to page, click here to get a quote today
One Big Pitfall
One big mistake some folks are making today, is assuming a social media page as an official business page, yes while it comes with little or no cost to get an online presence for your business, it is also, and can not replace the function of an official website. Every trusted, scalable business today own or should own an official website, while social media like Facebook page or group, Twitter handle, LinkedIn professional page, Google plus, etc. are primarily designated for connect your target audience to your official website. So if you assemble clients or followers on any of your social media and do not have a website to redirect them to, you are yet to take your business serious and sooner or late most of your followers will drop out to other competitors who they deemed serious entrepreneurs.
Some venturing entrepreneurs are planning to establish an official website after hitting some target, it is absolutely a wrong practice. The key thing is get a domain name registered and have an official link (in worse case, add a single coming soon page) and gradually develop it to a desire level. The advantage of this is that all your branding and posting from day one will carry your official website link which will help to keep you at the top of your competitors in future. Secure your domain name today
I want to continue to learn tips and tricks on social media management. See our blog section for more detail.

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