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What Is Domain Name Registration

Domain name registration is a process of choosing a recognizable name which in turn will be resolved to an IP address or set of IP addresses on a network layer. Domain name registration is usually performed by two parties with an intermediary party.

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You can register your domain name with us and have full access to the record, this is not just all, you will also have the opportunity of having all your website domain and content all managed under a single account. Watch your website blaze steadily.

Domain Name Registrant and Registrar
The first party is individual or group of individual (in the case of company or organization) who is initiating the registration process – this is referred to as ‘Domain Registrant’, the second party is the body or organization invested with the power to manage the registrant’s request – this is referred to as ‘Domain Registrar’. Simply put when you are placing a request to buy or secure a domain name, you are literally the domain name registrant. However, it is not the actual person taking the action in front of the computer on a web terminal that counts but the information supplied during the registration process. For instance, a webmaster who is contracted to develop a website for a client, could register a domain name on behalf of his client by feeding in all information supplied by his client as required for such domain extension. In this case, the domain name registrant remains the client, whose information will always be displayed on the domain name WHOIS record.
 When a domain name registration is initiated, the data is piped through to the desk of a registrar who on behalf of his clients ensures that such domain name reservation is completed (for the specified period e.g. 1yr, 2yrs, 5yrs…) to avoid being taken by someone else within the licensed period. A registrar’s record is usually displayed on the Registrar’s section of a domain’s WHOIS record.
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How Long Do I Own a Domain Name?
A domain name serves as a gateway to your web application and belongs to you alone, it does not you the ownership right for an eternity, ICANN does not give anyone access to own a domain name for life. As a matter of fact, every website owner is just like a tenant who renews their tenancy on a regular basis, so when you purchase a domain name for an xx period, you are only renting that name. Thus, you should be ready for a renewal after the exhaustion of that xx period.
Domain names can be purchased (literally, ‘rent’ should be more appropriate here) for a minimum period of 365days (one year), and a maximum of 3,650days (ten years).
 Why do domain extensions vary in their maximum years registration availability? See our blog section for more detail.

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