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Ujomor Consulting is a registered web development company in France as an Auto-Entrepreneur by Ignatus Chika Ujomor who is also the CEO with SIRET Number: 83757202300013. The primary objective of the company registration is to provide swift IT supports to small and medium business operators with a low budget, this is to guarantee that everybody has fair chances of bringing their business online for optimal growth and profit. we focus on the power of the internet in bridging the gap between our clients’ business and their potential customer to ensure optimal. As information technology (IT) Company specialized in website development, our passion is to ensure that we add one brick daily to your future investment building block and leave you to express the boundless joy of trusted and reliable investment.

What We Do

Ujomor Consulting services include the following:

- Domain Name Registration: Domain name registration is usually done by a registrar on behalf of the registrant, it is an integral part of a website project - as a matter of fact, on or before budgeting for your website project, making choice of a name for your website should come into play. While other domain registrars just accept anything chosen as a domain name, we focus more on counselling our clients on suitable names that can best match their business and at the same time make them more visible to their clients, simply because choosing the right domain name can be very tricky. See our blog and domain name registration service section for more detail.

- Website Hosting: We offer reliable website hosting for all kind of website projects, our web hosting include all major addons which is usually separated with extra charges by other hosting companies. This is one reason most website lack some core functions such as security feature as their host plans are completely stranded from those addons and presented so cheap just to entice them into quick buy attitude. Visit our blog and web hosting service sections for more detail.

- Website Development: Ujomor consulting provide you with the most sophisticated website development software that runs seemly on all webservers. With our years of experience, we assemble piece of codes that truly represent your business anywhere you want to be – simple web page for artists profile, personal biography, through basic web page for corporate business presentation, to multifunctional community and eCommerce web pages. Our website development is always packed full with elegant designs, stunning functions, addictive user-friendly interface with appealing colour combination at an affordable price. Check out our blog and web development service sections for more detail.

- SEO Referencing: Ujomor Consulting provides you with magical SEO referencing services that can make you website emerge at the top of all search engines. If you own a website and wish to make your website visible on every search engine, you probably need an organic SEO referencing or local SEO referencing. This is one of our most favourite part of services and we ensure all our website projects are well referenced so our clients emerge quickly on the top of search engines and get viral online quickly as possible. See our blog and SEO Referencing service sections for more detail.

- Social Media Management: In recent time, social media has been playing host to most business potential clients, therefore having social media page becomes paramount for business owners. Its not just enough deciding to take your business to social media, sometimes getting the social media corporate branding could be very difficult, this is the reason Ujomor Consulting offers social media management – ranging from branding, integration through to handling so you can focus more your product and service delivery. See our blog and Social Medica Management service sections for more detail.

- Free Consultation: At Ujomor Consulting, we understand how complex the viewpoint of our valuable clients are and how they struggle to figure out the ‘most get out of’ in a website project. We have created this consultation office to give you pre-launching tips and advice on your project to help you cut down your budget and get the most value of your investment. Explore this offer today and start your project without fear of failure. Click here to start consult today.

How We Do It

At Ujomor Consulting, we take your ideas in a plain text or infographic sheet and convert them into live projects to complement your existing business or idea. It starts a simple flowchart, pseudocode, layouts, converting into coding, deploying and testing all within the timeframe of project for timely project delivery.


To make communication with our clients in a swifter response, we have live chat for instant response, email correspondence, ticketing systems, dedicated phone lines and contact us. Therefore, our clients cannot dream of neglect irrespective of location or time zone.


9 Bis Rue Du Petit Mont 28700
Aunay Sous Auneau
Eure-et-Loir, France

00 33 (0) 753 585 894 (English)
00 33 (0) 615 180 951 (French)
[email protected] (Inquiry)
[email protected] (Supports)
SIRET number: 83757202300021

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